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X-Men 11 (1991) Pressman 2nd Print - Silver

X-Men 11 (1991) Pressman 2nd Print - Silver


Marvel's X-Men #11 by artist Jim Lee is iconic - and this 2nd printing, available only as a mail-away offer from Pressman with the silver foil cover as a tribute to Lee's last issue on the record-setting X-Men series, is quite rare and sought after by collectors and fans. 

The "Pull for the Backstory" Frame is made of Purpleheart wood - a rich red-purple color with natural (clear) satin stain, bringing out the purples in the logo and accents the pinks in the piece, leading the viewers eye around Jim Lee's iconic rendering of Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops and the X-Men team in the comic and CoverStory.Art mat artwork, silver hand painted to extend the foil of the rare cover. 

The included issue of the comic is estimated in VG condition (one uncreased vertical fold in the cover, definitely pressable...), commonly retails for over $300 as of March, 2023, with a slabbed 9.8 fair market value from at $857 (based on '21 sale).

Pulling the tab at the top of the frame reveals the Backstory, with history on the comic, creator Jim Lee, and a bit on the CoverStory.Art artist.  

This piece comes with a unique Backstory.LIVE Collector Profile (coming soon), CS.A Owner registration, and 1 year of CoverStory.Art Membership.

As a CoverStory.Art Collector's Display, the comic is secure and protected by swivel tab backing and sheilded by Tru Vue Conservation UV Glass glazing, offering crystal-clear optics and maximum 99% UV protection to ensure your heroes are protected from evil UV rays.  It's still strongly recommended to avoid natural or intense incandescent/fluorescent light.  LED lighting is recommended.

Domestic standard U.S. shipping is included.


  • No returns on Collector Comics

    CoverStory.Art is happy to support the your display for the lifetime of your ownership to assure your enjoyment and satisfaction as best we can.  Due to the nature of the rare comic included in the piece, returns cannot be offered.  Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Anti-Reflective and Museum Glass options available

    Tru Vue Anti-glare (+$50) and best-available Museum Glass (+$100), which minimizes glare, maximizes optical clarity, reduces cleaning and 99% UV protection options are available for additional charge. 

  • Domestic U.S. Shipping Included!

    CoverStory.Art includes standard, domestic U.S. shipping with this purchase, insured and packed with care to assure it arrives safely!

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