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CoverStory.Art Displays

Comic Book Display and Protection

Why keep those amazing covers stored in boxes, where they can't be appreciated and maybe shared, and still be protected?

CoverStory.Art comic book displays offer maximum protection and premium features for interactive displays or optimized for secure, archival and museum-quality presentation.

Each CoverStory.Art piece consists of a few basic parts:


CoverStory Artwork

Glazing (glass)

Comic Book



Leverage a frame of your own, from your local store, or a custom CoverStory.Art natural wood interactive frame display.

Frame Sizes

Frame openings are typically 11"x13" for single comics, with external dimensions adding 3-4" to each dimension.

Larger frames for treasury editions, connecting or wraparound covers are available.  Openings larger than 13"x19" require significant lead time.

Basics: Black, Plastic "Floating" Frame

The first CoverStory.Art projects used the black, plastic 11"x13" plain-glass "floating frame" marketed for comic display, available online and at most Michael's and framing supply stores. 

These offer attractive, inexpensive and space-efficient display, with the Backstory available on the reverse side of the piece.

"Pull to Read" and "Push to Hear" features

The challenge to replicate the "Book and Record" experience for younger family led to the creation of the "Pull to Read" and "Push to Hear" frame features and custom materials - still with the same form factor.

Quality Materials

Improving the quality display of higher value items and the lack of off the shelf frames in this non-standard size led to using more custom natural domestic and exotic wood frames, protecting their natural beauty or stained to complement the artwork. 

Popular woods include:

Padauk - striking red-orange late sunset

Beli - high-contrast gold/brown zebra

Curly Maple - blonde, iridescent with light knots

Oak - sturdy, beautiful gain for natural tints

Pine - inexpensive and easy to stain and paint

Feeling EXTRA?  Incorporate original art, multiple connecting covers, or design with Distressed, Live Edge or Repurposed materials to add unique character!


CoverStory.Art Artwork

Expanding The Work of Legends

Each piece takes care to respect the work and continue the of the original creators - to the best of this artists ability, anyway.

Credits and Copyrights and such

To be clear, these are NOT licensed works, and not approved by anyone - but they really shouldn't need to be, for the most part.  See if you can find the one that I sort of expect to get a Cease and Desist.

I've tried to make sure these are seen as complementary to copyright owners and creators alike, not infringing, and maybe even a marketing idea, but no takers yet.

Photo-Printed Digital or Original Artwork
Acid-free, Archival quality Matboards

Custom Commissions Available!

For the Greater Good! 10% of Sales go to The Hero Initiative,


Glazing (Glass or Plexiglass)

Glazing, or the clear glass or plexiglass protecting the art within the frame, is an important decision for the piece.

UltraViolet light is Kryptonite to Comics.

You need shielding.  For valuable comics, vivid colors or comics with any exposure to natural or bright light, CoverStory.Art strongly recommends upgrading your investment with premium glazing to optimize visibility and assure protection of your comics.   

Basic Glass - Standard

All CoverStory.Art pieces use basic glass as standard - basically what is included in an off-the-shelf comic floating frame, offering good optics and minimal UV protection.

This is suitable for indoor environments with no natural light, and low-value items without intense or vivid colors.

Tru Vue TM Premium Glazing Products

CoverStory.Art users TruVue glazing products, and invites you to visit them and learn more.

Generally, Tru Vue Conservation Glass (left image) is a great choice, protecting your comic and art from evil UV rays with premium optical clarity.

For displays subject to inconsistent or direct light, consider Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control Glass, which looks fantastic in CoverStory.Art applications that sit close to the glazing (right).

For the best optical quality, UV protection as well as ease of maintenance, consider Tru Vue Museum Glass, the gold standard for protection.

KEEP IN MIND: Even the best glass only claims 99% UV Protection, so if you have a key treasure, treat it like a Mogwai Vampire and only display under low-intensity, indirect artificial light, never direct sunlight.  It will kill them. 

Obviously avoid water, holy or otherwise.

Offering 99% UV protection, and premium optical clarity, Tru Vue Conservation Clear Glass, left, the Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control Glass, right, also dramatically reduces interfering light.


Comic Book

Do you have that grail issue you want to showcase?

That chewed-up childhood favorite, signed by your hero that makes you smile?

The hero that always inspires and reminds you of your own power?

That favorite character in a scene that leaps off the cover?

Have a comic collector in your life?

There's literally millions of inspirational options to choose from, CoverStory.Art only having created but a relative few projects to view so far.  Those are from my own collection, drawn from my own inspiration and collected treasures to showcase - and there's more to come.

Almost any comic can work in a CoverStory.Art piece.  A few concerns include:

  • Very thick comics - may necessitate deeper frames and backing support.

  • Cover enhancements - holograms, embossing, etc. may not appear behind glass.

  • Really poor cut, binding or condition - may not align to artwork nicely.

Comic Book Included (or not...)

While most CoverStory.Art projects have comics inventoried for sale with pieces, some are very limited, not available or not for sale, in which case CoverStory.Art can procure an issue for you, or you can supply your own. 

Bag and backing material is supplied, along with detailed instructions and online support to ensure damage-free addition of your own comic.

Need A Comic or Idea?


Visit Mile High Comics, online or in Denver, Colorado - the worlds LARGEST comic book store, with millions of comics in stock!

Tell 'em Truman sent you! :-)

Comic Book


CoverStory.Art pieces seek to to please the eye and inspire with their visual story, and provide context and the often untold Backstory - unsung and legendary creators, social context, publishing and character significance of the issue and related timely information as the hero's story unfolds.

Coming Soon!  Backstory.LIVE

Connect from your CoverStory.Art display directly to custom online information resources, specific to that piece, and details unique to that comic book.

Access, and as an Owner, add details like:

  • Purchase history and prior owners

  • Signature information and COAs

  • Grading information and photos

  • Current auctions and valuations

  • News, media, links and other tidbits that add value and richness to your art.

Discover the Creators Behind the Comic

Sure, everyone knows Stan Lee, but how many names do you know that drew Superman, Spider-Man or Batman? 

The battle to make creating comics a career is fought by each Creator over their careers.  Often independent freelancers, credit, recognition most profits rarely go past the characters and publishers. 

As a huge fan and frustrated/aspiring artist myself, CoverStory.Art seeks to provide creators any exposure possible, and fans opportunities to learn more about the people behind our pop culture icons.

Shameless Promotion and Storytelling

Yep, we take the opportunity to plug the artist who made the CoverStory.Art piece as well, and the inspiration behind it's creation.

Commissions include your own Backstory of comic inspiration as well, including photos, quotes, personalizations and link online to audio and video files, photo galleries and related information to extend your display.

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