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Turns out, I seem to be happiest when surrounded by my favorite art, which happens to be comics.  Comic covers are concentrated snapshots of inspiration, passion, action and peril, with the artist compacting the whole context of the iconic character and their storied struggle into the most eye-catching and impactful scene.

Putting comics into boxes just always seemed wrong - has to be done of course, as they do accumulate...  But putting my personal favorites or those precious signed keys into a box defeated the entire purpose.  Simply framing it left me unsatisfied and did not do these mini masterpieces justice on most walls.

So, I just sorta... tried to make them bigger, highlighting the work of the master, featuring the feeling of the scene, and hopefully creating both mass and balance that propel the cover to the viewer. 

Which started as just me, but i hope you like them too.  



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