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Wonder Woman 2021 Annual, D'anda Variant @ Otto's

Wonder Woman 2021 Annual, D'anda Variant @ Otto's


This is a specific piece currently on display at Otto's in Fairplay, Colorado. Don't buy this one unless you're standing in front of it! Please take your receipt to the Otto's counter and they'll help you remove it from the wall safely.  Shipping not available.

Get Wonder Woman on your wall in this striking artistic rendering of the powerful goddess by Carlos D'anda on the cover of the cardstock variant of Wonder Woman 2021 Annual, extending her pose and design is a CoverStory.Art mat by Truman Esmond.  The piece is framed with a black plastic 11"x13" frame with standard glazing (glass). 

The Backstory is printed and mounted on the back of the frame, also conveniently available through QR code on the front of the piece.


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