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Thor v3 #11 Olivier Coipel cover - Basic - @ Otto's

Thor v3 #11 Olivier Coipel cover - Basic - @ Otto's


This is a specific piece currently on display at Otto's in Fairplay, Colorado. Don't buy this one unless you're standing in front of it! Please take your receipt to the counter and they'll help you remove it from the wall safely. Shipping not available for this specific item - buy online and take it home today!

Thor wielding the lightning-packed Mjolnir powers beyond the paper borders of the comic book cover by Olivier Coipel, inked by Mark Morales with captivating colors by Laura Martin.  The comic with story by legend J. Michael Straczynski, is tucked in a black plastic floating frame with standard glass glazing front and back, with the reverse revealing the Backstory, with details on the creators behind the work.

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