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Spider-Man(tm) "Mark of the Man-Wolf" Push-to-Hear - Maple Frame

Spider-Man(tm) "Mark of the Man-Wolf" Push-to-Hear - Maple Frame


The first CoverStory.Art "Push to Hear" project, around the 1974 Book and Record set from Power Records, partially reprinting Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #124, with cover and interior inks by John Romita Sr., pencils by Gil Kane, and story by Gerry Conway.  The Push-To-Hear Frame includes the recorded audio from the Power Records 45rpm record on digital playback mechanism - 2xAAA batteries (included).

The Pull-To-Read/Push-To-Hear Frame is natural Curly Maple wood, custom made and clear coated, measuring 17 3/8" by 15 1/4" (plus 1" pull tab), with a wire suspension and standard (non-archival/UV glass) glazing.  When hanging, hang in easy reach and allow a minimum of 16" of space above the frame for room to pull the comic from the frame and return it easily.

Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson and Man-Wolf characters are Copyright and Trademarked by Marvel Comics.

  • Upgrade to Archival/UV Glass for Sunny locations!

    Upgrade the glazing (glass) in the frame if you plan to hang the CoverStory.Art piece in a sunny location or to protect the value of key comics and your favorite art for lasting enjoyment!

    It is not recommended in any case to hang a CoverStory.Art with exposure to direct sunlight even with upgraded glass; fading of the comic or artwork could result!!  Tragedy!

  • Other Options Available!

    Alternative frame wood, stain and "Snap to Hear" features are available.  Shop or inquire!

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