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Incredible Hulk 181 - Herb Trimpe - 1st Wolverine

Incredible Hulk 181 - Herb Trimpe - 1st Wolverine


The first appearance of the Wolverine! This is the key issue of the era, with the comic recently estimated by COVRPrice with a Fair Market Value of $76,000 for a 9.8 and sales in that area fairly frequent.  The copy in this piece is estimated as F/VF, complete and intact Marvel Value Stamp, and no major damage.  Off-white pages and several minor imperfections - few small spine color breaks, and a barely perceptible vertical "back pocket" sort of fold.

The CoverStory.Art display is a Maple (Canadian, of course) wood with natural finish, with Tru-Vue Conservation UV Glass Glazing, with "Pull to Read" feature revealing the Backstory - but the comic is not retreived, and remains secure in the display.  The comic is accessed from the rear of the frame with a phillips head screwdriver.

The Backstory is also available with the QR code on the front of the display, including additional "live" details.



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