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Custom CoverStory.Art Commission by Truman (Deposit Only)

Custom CoverStory.Art Commission by Truman (Deposit Only)


Initial deposit to reserve spot in the queue for CoverStory.Art commissions by Truman Esmond.

$50 deposit confirms a project review meeting, where Truman will meet with you (virtually) to design your very own piece.  Do you have a favorite comic you'd like to display?  Do you have a specific location planned?  A unique gift to give? An event to commemorate or celebrate?  

Before we talk budgets and dates, and if you don't have one in mind already, pick some comics for inspiration, or some characteristics you'd like - characters, actions, colors, moods, scenes, etc.  There's a ton!  If you would like some ideas, feel free to peruse my own collection - I can send you a link.  I've "tagged" covers with some maybe-useful descriptions to help sort through the myriad options! 

The Comic(s): Any book or books of comic-size and format will work for any type frame, including magzine and Treasury edition sizes.  Generally less than about 1/3" thick works best, but thicker can be accommodated.  Connecting covers? Yes!  Wraparound covers?  Sure!  Gatefolds? I dunno what are ya thinking?

For Frames, there's a myriad of options, from domestic and exotic woods to plastic, metal or even crafty or found-object/repurposed frame possibilities.

For permanent/semi-permanent mounting, there's simple plastic and off-the-shelf options, to custom wood or other material.  Pull-to-Read and Push-To-Hear frames are custom made of wood, with a variety of sizes, styles, colors and wood types.

Pull-to-Read options are not (yet) available for connecting/multi-comic or wrap-around displays, but if that's of interest, let me know.

Consider a protective glazing upgrade for pieces that will be in brightly lit areas, or protecting valuable treasures.  Ultraviolet-protected archival glass to reduce the chance of your comics or artwork fading due to exposure, and anti-reflective coatings to help display your piece.  Larger pieces (closer to poster size) will use plexiglass versus glass for weight and fragility, also available with archival UV and anti-glare.

Got a Book n' Record?  Frames can include the Push-To-Hear feature to play right there on the wall, or it can include a code so you can "Snap-To-Hear" and play from your smartphone.  45rpm size works nicely, but full 33's can work too.

Does your piece have a unique Backstory?  Let everyone else in on the background, personalities and unique history of the piece, or keep it personal, incorporating your own imagery and special stories with a custom written and designed Backstory page, or supply your own content the design.

Pricing is typically $200-600+ range, with deposit applied to the total cost.  Turnaround time is 6-8 weeks; deadlines or rush orders may be able to be accommodated (fees may apply).

  • Get Your Very Own CoverStory.Art!

    Have a favorite comic, inspiring cover or a key investment that would be great on a wall, protected and available for you to enjoy?  

    Comics want to be out of boxes and enjoyed!  Bring your uniquely inspiring comic story to daily life.

    After a quick consultation, your vision will be sketched and, timing depending on the queue and complexity, delivered into reality!  Final costs and timelines for projects will vary, depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

    • Comic: Yours? Mine? TBD? Graded? Oversized? Cover-enhanced? Condition?
    • Frame: Pre-Fab (e.g. plastic floating frame, up to 19x13 opening), custom Pull to Read (stock or custom), BYO, or something completely different?
    • Glazing (Glass): Glass or Acrylic? Achival quality for UV, reflectivity, etc. and protecting the comic (and mat artwork)?
    • Mat Artwork: Digital or other medium? Digital copyrights/exclusivity? Style/Detail/Size or Complexity?
    • Mat and comic holder: Weird mat cuts/openings? Media textures or dust?
    • BackStory: Copywriting, graphic design, personalization, COA incorporation, etc.
    • Design, Assembly and Shipping: packaging, comic procurement, pain in the ass fees, nice to work with discounts, delivery, insurance, other expenses...



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